Know how to recover erased data in few quick steps:

With the up gradation in technology, there is a steady growth in the rise of number of users who daily perform works on their Windows and Mac OS to store download, upload their valuable data and files. At the same time there is always chances of precious files being erased unintentionally which results into data loss or deletion. Accidentally erasing valuable information which may turn to be important down the road is a common thing. Humans are prone to make errors. Often in a hurry they may erase some folders using the Shift + Delete or Command + Delete key on their Windows or Mac Computers respectively. No wonder loosing an important data can sometime throw user into an awful situation. Data erasing problem is common in all OS including Windows and Mac, hence it becomes very essential to retrieve erased history.

Let us have a walk at a scenario where user’s computer genius cousin cleans up the entire system. He cleans out everything in it including some of the recent photos of some events, anniversary invitation cards and not to forget even some precious business files gets lost from his local machine. This throws user in an awkward position. He looks for recovery software which is available in market. But not all products are good performer. You need to rely on some trustworthy products that can perform all type of recovery like recovery of deleted, lost and formatted files. People having knowledge of recovery software will shrug of the problem easily. Basically whenever there is a data or files deletion or loss in your system, its contents are destroyed immediately and your Windows or Mac computer marks the space in Hard Drive as empty by changing some character in file table thereby displaying the space available for use. Unless and until data are overwritten there are chances to recover erased data.

Have you have accidentally erased some of the files? Did your friend have formatted your hard drive unintentionally? Whatever may be the scenario, you can retrieve all your deleted / lost files and folders and restore back into your PC in a new destination by using this ultimate erased data recovery software. This application supports both Windows and Mac OS and has been crafted with powerful recovery engine along with built-in new technology  search algorithm that helps to recover data erased even from your external storage media and formatted hard drive. It is capable to restore data even after reinstallation of the Operating System.

Case scenario after which we might need to recover erased data:

There are plenty of circumstances where data and files can be erased thereby resulting in a huge data loss and deletion. We shall now have a glance on few of the scenarios:

There are some other reasons like :

Abrupt system shut down while transferring some data and files from external storage media to computer or vice-versa. Our personal computer generally freezes suddenly when it is low on power.

Influence of external threat takes place when our system is infected by strong virus / malware / spyware due to excessive exposure to unauthenticated third party application.

Amazing features of this ultimate recovery tool:

This erased data recovery program is highly competent in recovering data or multiple files and folders within fraction of minutes that have got under any of the above mentioned lists. It supports even recovery of files and folders after a severe journal or partition corruption. This must have kit supports even recovery of erased photos, word documents, removable flash drives. It is available free on internet. By clicking the download button user can use its trial version for free. This software quickly scans and even recovers corrupt data and files.

Guidelines to recover erased data from your computer:

Necessary Prevention to be maintained-

Immediately after erasing some of the files from the hard drive of your system, avoid storing or performing any read / write operation on the particular drive in order to prevent overwriting of the files. Once a particular data gets overwritten it can become nearly impossible to recover it.

Use reliable recovery tool to retrieve erased data that can restore all lost / deleted files back without any modification in the original file.

It is recommended to always use a UPS with your desktop and connect an external adapter with your laptop whenever there is a data loss or deletion scenario.

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